Manufacturing – Industries


Manufacturing Industry has challenging needs in application functionalities in terms of forecast, Product innovation, Supply chain management, Order fulfillment capabilities etc. Oracle provides very robust solution for Manufacturing & Supply Chain and logistics companies in the below process area:

  • Inventory management and optimization – Oracle Inventory management provides a complete out of the box item master configurations and provides a solid foundation for optimization.
  • Advance Supply Chain planning – Oracle Advance supply chain eliminates the traditional latency of disconnected planning by
    • Reduced planning cycle
    • Comprehensive focus on distribution planning and product replenishment
    • Increase the speed of decision making by integrated Supply and demand sources.
  • Production scheduling – Oracle production scheduling provides an event based scheduling process with well-defined resource and material constraints.
  • Mobile supply chain solutions – Oracle provides a complete automated warehouse management and shop floor management process through RF hand held devices. This helps the on-time receiving and shipping transactions recorded within the application for better tracking and visibility.
  • Oracle warehouse management solutions – Oracle warehouse management provides a complete unique set of functionalities where other SCM vendors lag.
    • Optimized material movements
    • Tight Integration with Oracle Transportation management
    • Minimizing labor movements, improve labor productivity by reducing the outbound pick time.
  • Oracle Logistics – Transportation Management and Logistics Command center provides high efficient solutions in the value chain execution:
    • Optimized logistics solution for inbound planning
    • On-time product delivery at the plan and complete visibility to the shipments.
  • PLM – Oracle Product Life cycle Management provides a controlled environment for managing on-time product releases, improved product quality and faster time to volume.