Computer Telephony Integration

One of the prestigious clients of Oneiroi Consulting Services was setting up a mission to realize their enterprise Vision. As part of the mission, client organization was in the process of setting up their IT infrastructure for their sales department.

It was decided that the client organization will have their sales department equipped with right computer software for enabling seamless communication between the end-customers which will result in better sales pitch in-turn will facilitate growth  in revenue.

The enterprise wide strategy was done to deploy Oracle Fusion middleware Toolbar Framework software and Vertical Wave Computer Telephony Services software. Set up the necessary infrastructure in 6 months timeframe without which the enterprise cannot achieve the desired financial results. The delay is resulting in revenue loss.

The Challenge:

The software chosen by the enterprise are of heterogeneous technology in nature and API specification varied for many call center operations. So, the requirement arises in coming up with a solution for integrating both Oracle Fusion middleware Toolbar Framework with Vertical CTI with in a shorter timeframe.

The Solution:

Oneiroi was contacted for helping out in coming up with solutions to solve the problem faced. Following are the solutions Oneiroi team’s came up with to solve the problem.

Solution Consideration

Java Adapter – JavOnet Bridge

Custom JNI Implementation

Adapted Solution – Java Script component

The Java Script component strategy was the adopted solution considering the ease of adoption, the efforts and budget for implementing the solution and more importantly the project timelines in implementing.

The products intended for integration were evaluated for the feasibility of implementing to be adopted solution. Oracle Fusion Command Toolbar Framework had facility of communicating to third party or custom implementation and the message exchange can happen over JSON messages. The computer telephony software was evaluated and enabled for communication through WebSockets over HTTP.

Oneiroi developed the JavaScript component which acts as adapter in translating the messages exchanged between Oracle Fusion Command Toolbar Framework and Wave Server computer telephony software.

The JavaScript component connects to the Wave Server through WebSockets using the message structures defined in an industry popular JSON messages, maps the requests, translates the requests to Wave Server comprehendible form.  The response messages from Wave Server are translated to the Oracle Command Toolbar Framework comprehendible form.

The Result:

The adopted solution approach was well received by the client’s management team. Prototyping request was made to Oneiroi and the team came up with a prototype implementation and demonstrated the solution. On successful demonstration and approval the solution was implemented and integrated with Oracle Fusion Command Toolbar Framework much ahead of scheduled delivery which enabled the third party integrators in performing integration testing and benchmarking.

The solution performed well in the acceptance testing and went live on time and started realizing the benefit of the solution adopted. The client’s sales and management team lauded the solution and implementation approach which benefited them to be in line with their mission in revenue attainment through better connect with their customers.