Electronic Data Interchange

OCS Specializes in EDI gateway integration with ERP modules. We follow ANSI ASC X 12 standards and support various functional domains like Order Management, Logistics, Payables, Receivables and Purchasing.

Regardless of platform or software, we can handle all of your EDI needs with the expertise you expect in order to provide superior value to our clients and our partners.

  • Support for all of the top EDI software providers including Inovis, IBM, and AS2 etc.
  • We could provide all necessary programming for back-end integration
  • Ability to provide full implementation of EDI including a complete understanding of communication options for point-to-point, Internet or VAN transmissions
  • Unique expertise in¬†developing completely automated EDI and B2B systems in which the system functions without the need for user intervention

Consultants are available for staff augmentation, fixed bid projects, part and full-time.