Enterprise Resource Planning

Oneiroi Consulting Services, Inc has been delivering cost-effective ERP implementation and support services for various clients in Retail, Pharmaceutical and financial domains.

OCS Core ERP Services and Offerings

  • ERP Selection, ERP Vendor and Contract Negotiations
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Selection
  • IT Strategy
  • ERP Implementation
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • ERP Staffing
  • On-Site ERP Training
  • ERP Project Recovery

ERP Selection and offerings:

OCS Consultants will engage with the key stake-holders of the customer to review their current systems inventory, business process and will provide recommendations on the vendor selection.

Currently OCS has implemented Oracle ERP (E-Business Suite), Net Suite ERP and SAP financial modules and if necessary OCS would recommend open ERP’s according to the nature of the customer business model.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Selection:

OCS will assist clients to define their business requirements and match to potential SaaS software options and to identify a long-list and short-list of SaaS ERP, CRM, manufacturing, supply chain management or financial management software options.

OCS will assist clients to review SaaS software options relative to their specific business requirements and to choose the SaaS ERP software most suited for the business.

OCS will also develop an integration and solution architecture model for the chosen SaaS solution(s) and also create cost model, benefits and ROI model for the SaaS software investment and finally OCS will create an implementation plan for the SaaS ERP implementation

IT Strategy

OCS helps organizations define their enterprise systems strategy by facilitating the following activities:

  • Define organizational and IT strategic vision for the next three to five years
  • Educate key client stakeholders about strategic technological trends and best practices via vendor’s ERP Boot Camp training and user groups
  • Assess and provide recommendations to the current portfolio of enterprise systems and IT infrastructure
  • Analyze current high-level processes and identify opportunities for improvement and automation
  • Develop a long-term data management strategy
  • Identify ways that new supporting technologies – such as mobile, business intelligence or SaaS systems – could support organizational objectives
  • Create a cost-benefit and ROI analysis for potential replacement systems, such as ERP, CRM, HCM, financials, accounting, supply chain management, manufacturing and other core enterprise systems
  • Evaluate potential IT and enterprise system options
  • Develop a roadmap for ERP and IT implementation and define continuous process improvements and periodic check points for benefits realization
  • Define and recommend change management strategy to support the defined roadmap

ERP Implementation

OCS assists our clients with proper accountability during ERP implementation by focusing the below activities:

  • Engaging certified project management focusing on risk, scope, cost, time and resources
  • Educate vendor implementation methodologies and assist clients to adopt best Industry recommended approach.
  • Incorporation of LEAN methodologies, Six Sigma and other industry-specific skillsets into the overall transformation
  • Alignment of ERP implementation with organizational requirements
  • Organizational change management, communication and training activities
  • Integration between the core ERP system and processes, systems and stakeholders
  • Definition of ERP measures of success and optimization of measurable benefits
  • Functional and technical development and support
  • Customized ERP workshops
  • Project recovery support
  • On-site ERP Boot Camp training
  • Risk management and mitigation planning activities

Business Process Reengineering

  • Business Process Mapping – This includes one-on-one work with various functional areas and individuals at your organization to outline strategy, map processes, gather requirements and KPIs validate findings and identify process improvement opportunities. The strategic and tactical assessments conducted provide the framework for the initial business case and benefits realization plan.
  • Business Process Improvement, Optimization and/or Reengineering –We “deep dive” into your organization’s processes and identify opportunities for improvement. This involves on-site workshops, Root Cause Analysis and solution development, and improvement pilot sessions. We perform process improvement, optimization or reengineering based on each client’s needs.
  • Continuous Improvement – To ensure that the recommended process improvements are practical, sustainable and continue to deliver value to the organization, OCS provides leadership and change management support, executive and end-user training, tools and resources, including a Center of Excellence, and ongoing implementation, post-implementation and benefits realization services.

ERP Staffing

OCS Delivers:

  • A clear focus on business improvement and organizational readiness
  • Industry knowledge and insight to match your area of business
  • Integration of software technical competencies with our core consulting service offerings
  • The best contract, contract-to-hire, and/or permanent-hire resources for Functional and technical expertise in Oracle, SAP and NetSuite software systems

On-Site ERP Training

We provide customized on-site training for each of our customer’s unique requirement. Our ERP training includes set of documentation that assists customers to perform monthly period closing and preparing yearly balance sheet for tax filing. We also include recommendations for optimal financial operation process in compliance with SOX guidelines.

ERP Project Recovery

In Case of unexpected ERP project deadline slippages, Failures that could take many forms: from complete operational disruptions to a lack of alignment or user buy-in that negatively affects the organization’s return on its ERP investment. In these and other instances, a senior team of OCS resources will help your organization regain lost momentum.  We would exhibit the difference within one week of our engagement in identifying scope creeps, defining risk management, controls and governance, distributing punch-lists between the project teams to resolve the critical go-live items and realize the ROI of the implementation.